Schedule and Rates


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9AM-11AM Open Fencing
5:30PM Lessons Lessons Introduction to fencing (Adult)  Introduction to fencing (Youth)
6:00PM Youth Epee / Lesson
6:30PM  Youth Epee Youth Epee / Open Fencing
7:00PM Competitive Epee / Open Fencing
7:30PM Adult Epee  / Open Fencing
8:00PM Competitive Epee / Open Fencing  Lessons
* Please contact Sergey Kolker for additional times and information about Introduction to Fencing.


Level Membership Required Coach Permission Cost
Introduction No No $140 / 6 week session
Recreational Yes Yes $150 / 6 week session for members
Competitive Yes Yes $225 / 8 week session for members
Club Member Yes Yes Membership is required for all students who complete introductory class.  Includes free open fencing and lessons.Individual: $300 per year
Family: $400 per year
Lesson (Members only) - - $30 for 1/2 hour private lesson.



Preregistration for all classes is required.
Coach permission and personal electric epee or foil gear is required for all recreational (youth/adult) and above level classes.
Contact Sergey Kolker to register for a class.